ROC Track

The Race Of Champions track is unique: a specially constructed asphalt circuit with two parallel tracks and a crossover bridge. That means two drivers can start side-by-side, race around the lap, and by the time they’ve both crossed the line twice they’ve driven exactly the same piece of tarmac.

Each heat on the track lasts for two laps but, because of the crossover point, each heat is equivalent to four times past the start/finish line. Watch this video to see how the concept works.

The track requires several thousand tonnes of asphalt and gravel plus a bridge weighing over 100 tonnes. Yet the whole building process can be completed in just a few days and then dismantled after the event in a similar timescale ready for a new football pitch to be re-laid just days later.

See below for a video of ROC's latest track build at Bangkok's Rajamangala Stadium in December 2012.